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Temple Run 2 is an adventure game that many people in the world love. Come to Temple Run 2 this time you will continue the adventure full of adventure and no less risky, you have to run fast to escape the mysterious temple. On the way you will have to face a lot of obstacles as well as dangerous terrain that you can lose your life at any time so be careful!


You need to jump through the gaps. You can do this by placing your finger on the screen and swiping upward.

To change the orientation left or right, simply swipe the screen in the desired direction.

There is another way to tilt the device so that your runner character can turn left, right or move in the middle of the road.

 If you see gold coins (coin), you need to tilt the phone in the direction of the appearance of gold. These gold coins play a very important role in improving your ability, performance, and a few other factors that will help you gain better performance in Temple Run 2. Use to unlock many useful things!