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Tank Trouble game

Tank Trouble is a tank control game in a vast maze to destroy enemies. Control your Tank to move flexibly through the maze using your weapons to destroy enemies and avoid bullets from enemies and yourself.
There are two game modes to play against the computer or compete with up to 2 other players. Each game mode brings you its exciting things.
Your Tank has a cannon, and you give an unlimited number of bullets. You control your Tank through the maze, shooting guns at enemies to destroy them. The bullets fired from your cannon will bounce against the wall and shoot until the force weakens or the target is found, and you can be the target.
As for the enemy, they also shoot the bullets with the same features as you, cleverly use the weapons and avoid shots very well.
The life of each player is given. You are revived when destroyed, if you use all your life, you will lose, and if you kill all the lives of enemies, you will win.
You and the enemy can collect weapons when they appear. These weapons help people get more powerful. There are different types of weapons that players can collect that are missiles, rattling, laser guns, bullets.
Each level is a different matrix terrain. There are many levels for players to challenge, the more the level after the matrix will be harder for players.
The game is provided for free; players can download for Android devices, iOS, computer, or play online if desired.
How to play Tank Trouble
When you play with the machine, use the mouse to shoot and the arrow keys to move.
When playing with two other people, use the following controls:
Player 1: Use WASD to move and Q to shoot.
Player 2: Use the arrow keys to move and M to shoot.
Player 3: Drag the mouse to move and use the left mouse button to shoot.