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Gun Mayhem 2 game

Gun Mayhem 2 is a fighting combat shooting game. You will engage in battles with one or more people depending on the game mode you choose.
Choose one of 2 modes for you to play: Campaign and Customize. In campaign mode, there are up to 16 stages, and you need to unlock each map in turn to complete this mode. The custom mode has 7 stages of play, with each stage being different missions, you can customize whether a random weapon box appears in each stage and set the number of lives you have. for each match with the ability to set up many other things. The game also features Challenges including 7 challenges, each challenge you have to complete a certain task, for each challenge is also interesting and difficult things that increase interest for you.
Once you’ve chosen the game mode, you can customize their looks, colors, change their coat, hat, and face, plus their privileges and weapons.
Shooting game needs you to react flexibly and quickly, you can double jump like a ninja and grab weapons and other items to destroy your opponents. You can get TNT explosives, guns, power and use the moment you pick up.
Defeat enemies in the map in any way, shoot them or use explosives to blow them off the stage. The stage is the very short background arranged intermittently. Guns and explosives will push the character off the stage and lose his life. The enemy and you both can shoot guns, take items and use them, it is important to use proper and tactical methods to win.
Each player is given a certain number of lives, when you use up your lives the game ends and you win and vice versa.
A fast-paced, strong game will bring strong emotions to players and will help players entertain very effectively.
The game can be used with Android, IOS devices, computers and can be downloaded to play or play online whenever you want.
The game is completely free and suitable for all players. Currently, the game has been loved by many people and it has many new versions to meet the needs of the players.
How to play Gun Mayhem 2 game
Gun Mayhem 2 has the following controls:
– Player 1 uses:
Arrow keys to move.
X to bomb.
Z to shoot.
– Player 2 uses:
WASD to move.
Y to bomb.
T to shoot.
You need to use a flexible combination of character keys to achieving the best results ie kill the enemy fastest. Try to get items quickly before the enemy has a chance to take them and destroy you.