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Papa Louie 2 game

Papa Louie 2 is the sequel to the Papa Louie game, where you will embark on exciting adventures and rescue your customers from ferocious monsters. You are selling pizza at a store and there are a lot of customers when one person comes and frees you and your customers into a whirlpool and to a whole new place. You will need to find a way to discover customers who have been detained and you will be able to choose your character, put your name and see a brief introduction to what happened.
You will start looking for hints of creatures in a forest with many traps and monsters. You will be fighting independently of the monsters but supported from the beginning is a kitchen tool to win against the monsters and monsters in it, and you also can move fast, slide on the ramp to kill monsters.
With adaptive motion and agility, you can move and collect all the gold coins along the way to increase the score, use equipped weapons to kill monsters on the route.
Terrain with a challenging ride, you have to move very flexible. From the forest there are many traps and creatures arranged in many different locations to destroy you, creatures of different shapes, animals can move and have weapons or not. All the monsters and traps will make you lose the red hearts that symbolize your health, these hearts you can also collect along the way to restore your health.
When you cross the roads safely, you save your customers, you will go to another level and continue to take on other challenges and challenges. After each level, you can change your character to be new in appearance.
There are many levels, each with their enemies and traps, by going through all the levels to conquer the game and completing each level in the shortest time to grow into the best player and conquer the game.
The game is completely free and compatible with most computer devices, Android, iOS, you can play online or download and play anytime by the game.
How to play Papa Louie 2
Arrow keys down the wall to sit down.
Left and right arrow keys to move right and left.
Up arrow key to jump up.
Spacebar to use weapons.
Make sure you will be satisfied with this interesting game and you will receive challenges with different monsters. If you like this game, play often and share with your friends.