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Learn to fly idle

Learn to Fly Idle is an idle click game inspired by Learn to Fly. The game allows you to launch snowballs to destroy icy things. When breaking things made of snow, you will receive a bonus, use the bonus to buy upgrades. You will be equipped with a gun, shoot bullets towards the snowman and earn money. Use the money to upgrade various things (such as power, range, automatic rate and maximum rate).
Upgrade your range, power, maximum shots and auto-firing speed with earned cash. Research perks with Research Spots you earn over time and to complete achievements. There are lots of upgrades that only need to be enough to upgrade. The more you upgrade, the more power you will receive and then you will make more money.
Certainly, this fun game will bring you moments of extreme fun and fun. This game can be played for all audiences, ages, as long as you love and willing to spend time to play, you will definitely get a very high score. The game is completely free, so you don’t have to worry about paying for it when you download this game, and you can play it anywhere, anytime. The interface is simple but extremely beautiful, set in the cold winter, snow-covered with white and very empty, only the goal with you will bring you as lost in a snow-white paradise.
How to play Learn to Fly Idle game
Use your mouse to aim and shoot snowballs with your cannon. Destroy more icy things with your gun. This game will bring lots of fun and help you reduce stress very well because it has been selected through a large number of players. In addition to this game, our website also has many other interesting games. You can join or introduce your friends to play.