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Bad Ice Cream 3 game

Bad Ice Cream 3 is a game of collecting fruits and other items to pass to the next level. You can create frozen boxes to block monsters or break the frozen boxes to get their way.
There are many monsters along with many new and interesting things waiting for you in this game. Each level, there are different opponents that you have to defeat, such as predators or monsters wandering in the maze, they are very aggressive. The higher the level, the more crowded and denser the monsters, they can move around the map or line up and move up and down, or they can spawn depending on the level. These monsters can destroy frozen boxes and destroy you when they touch you, if they are on your way, you must defeat them by creating a stone fence to protect you from them or break them. Fence to kill them.
Your image is a pile of dung that can move or run and use your skills skillfully to get all the fins and not be destroyed by monsters. You can create frozen boxes to block monsters or destroy frozen boxes to make way for you and get items. You can use your tactics to win each level, be it creating frozen boxes to get in the way of monsters or you can run fast to collect all the fruits before they can. Monsters come close and destroy you.
The different levels along with many monsters and items help you have a fresh look at the game and not make you boring.
With a very simple interface and fun gameplay, it can help people reduce stress very well, kill free time quickly, play on many devices such as Android, IOS, computers and can play online or download about the machine to play.
You can share your score with friends on social networks and let them play this fun game.
How to play Bad Ice Cream 3 game
Use the arrow keys to move and use the spacebar to destroy or create frozen boxes. This is one of the favorite games at our website, if you feel like this game, please join and share with other players.
The manufacturer always tries to create the best game for you, if there are any requirements or suggestions please contact the game’s manufacturer to have the best improvements. I wish you will have a fun time with this game.