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Run Ninja Run 3 game

Run Ninja Run 3 is an extremely interesting game about ninjas, where a ninja is walking on the road and comes across a person who is being two different ninjas in the hammock, then these two guys chase and try to catch you. You need to control the ninja using his learned and accumulated abilities to escape their mission and avoid dangers on the road.
Your ninja character will automatically run forward and you control him to fly, jump or slide to avoid obstacles like houses, ravines, cliffs, gaps, ninjas and beasts along with very many other dangers. Other ninjas, animals are maintained along with countless other obstacles arranged and arranged in different ways.
On the way, there are a certain number of gold bars arranged in different places but you can easily get them. Use the gold you earn to buy upgrades for your abilities, such as buying high flying ability, stronger attack ability, buying weapons … Upgrade skills to help you overcome the obstacles on the way to advance to the next level. If you cannot buy, it is difficult for you to overcome or not to overcome it.
As you complete each level, you will unlock the next level.
In this part, the difficulty level of this game has increased a lot, you not only avoid the obstacles in front but also have to avoid the pursuit of this ninja behind or like ferocious beasts and can eat meat whenever it comes close to you.
In the ninja way, you can use attacks or weapons to destroy or jump over them, based on how you handle, as long as you pass safely. The game brings many fascinating experiences for you, dramatic action scenes and glorious victories, Run Ninja Run 3 game keeps you entertained after work and stressful study.
Try to help the brave ninja escape the hostile territory while cruel enemies and dangerous predators are surrounded, sure that you will complete the levels of the extremely attractive game this. Apart from this interesting game, you can also play many other interesting games on our website.
The game is completely free and compatible with most Android, iOS, computers and you can play online or download to play whenever you want.
The best way to play Run Ninja Run 3
Use the arrow keys to jump high and pass houses, rocks, ninjas …
Use the down arrow to slide to help overcome narrow gaps.
Space bar to attack helps destroy the enemy ninja.
Click and hold the left mouse button to activate a shield to help you resist the onslaught of ninjas.
Right-click to throw smoke bombs to keep the enemies from seeing you and you quickly escape.
Any newcomer is difficult to control and takes some time to adapt and be able to master this game well. When playing a lot, you will draw your own playing experience for yourself to pass the levels as quickly as possible.