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Dead zed 3

Dead Zed 3 is a free online shooting action flash game. Your goal is to kill zombies before they reach your base. A fast-paced shooting game with the onslaught of lots of zombies will help you have moments of extremely entertaining.
You will fight zombies for 40 days waiting for reinforcements. Kill zombies with the gun you initially equipped and get the money. Using that money, you can buy better new guns and update your equipment with superpowers, buy a drone to support you in the battle. You can choose gun silencers, select different types of drones. There are many upgrades with different weapons and abilities, kill lots of zombies, buy upgrades and use them properly to bring the best results for you.
Zombies appear in layers with large numbers and different shapes and characteristics. There are fast zombies and slow to touch; some zombies go very fast, zombies jump to the sides and incredibly quickly. Large and different numbers will make it harder to kill but do not worry, you have upgraded weapons to destroy it.
To shoot effectively, you need to put the gun barrel on the right zombie then pull the trigger to kill them. When you run out of ammo, the gun will take a short time to reload automatically, the number of bullets has no limit. For superpowers, you can only use a certain amount of times depending on its features. When you hit a zombie, the bar that indicates its health decreases gradually until it dies.
The third version is full of advanced features and new characters, new maps with greatly upgraded graphics.
To kill all zombies and survive, you need to manage resources and use the upgrades effectively.
How to play Dead Zed 3
Use the mouse to buy upgrades as well as superpowers, adjust the gun and aim and left click to shoot zombies.
You can mute the music or pause the game if you want.