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Tank Trouble 2 game

Tank Trouble 2 is a famous tank game that has been loved by many people. The goal of the game is that you will control your tank to destroy other tanks and become the last survivor. This is an improved sequel to graphics, tanks, mazes, all designed to be bigger and more comfortable to see.
You can play against other real players (up to 2 others) y or play against the machine. Playing with other real players means you need to play with your friend in front of the computer and play. Playing against the computer, you can participate in the game anytime you want.
You will drive your car around the maze, firing bullets from the cannon to destroy opponents.
If the bullets shoot, if they do not kill the tank, they hit the wall and continue to move until they hit the target is you or the enemy. The hit tank will be blown to pieces. If it does not meet the target, then it will disappear after impact for a while.
You need to move flexibly in the maze while avoiding bullets from other players or yourself because enemies also move flexibly, firing bullets at you.
Items that help players have the power, destroy tanks easier. The various items that players can collect are gold coins, rockets, laser guns, protective film. You and the enemy have the same ability to collect and use items.
How to play Tank Trouble 2 game
When playing in machine mode or other players, players need to choose the most appropriate control, including the following controls:
Use the arrow keys on the keyboard to help tanks move and use the space bar to fire bullets.
Use the mouse to move and left click to shoot.
Use the WASD keys to move and the Q key to fire the cannon.
For new players, it will be a bit difficult to control, but extended play, the player will easily control the tank as you like.