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Learn to fly 3

Learn To Fly 3 is the third part of the penguin flight training game. In this section, you will practice flying on the ice. Your mission is to fly high to move as far as possible. In this section, there is a list of tools to support penguins to fly along with specific instructions for each tool. Combining many tools will help you fly a lot further. The practice of many days will help penguins to progress and fly much farther distances and prove to everyone that penguins can fly.
At first, the penguins were provided with enough money to buy a spring for the penguins to fly up and go beyond the vertical penguin mould. It will then receive a specific amount and use this money to purchase upgrades. Upgrades will help you buy more upgrades. The more updates you buy, the higher you will fly and travel farther. The upgrades can be springs, rockets, balloons along with many other upgrades, each upgrade has its characteristics and when combined will give a significant effect. It would help if you avoided objects on the way you move, it will reduce your ability to move and consume a lot of energy.
At first, you will be able to travel a very short distance, but after many upgrades, these upgrades will help you fly further. Earn lots of money to buy lots of updates and upgrades help you fly farther to earn more money. Upgrades also need to be used flexibly to make the most of it. You can download this game for Android, IOS, and computer devices to play whenever you like. Downloading is quick and extremely easy. You do not have to spend money to buy this game nor need to lose money when playing this game. The game with a simple interface, the gameplay is also very simple so that everyone can play. Hard training requires you to be persistent, so this game keeps you entertained and increases your perseverance.
How to play Learn To Fly 3 game
Use the left and right arrow keys to change the flight angle and help penguins to fly farther. Use the mouse to buy upgrades and navigate. Some upgrades will have detailed instructions attached and please read carefully to use. The flexible combination of upgrades helps you fly further and achieve a higher score. I wish you will conquer this game and play fun.