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Raze 4 game

Raze 4 takes place based on the invasion of aliens about 10 years ago and until now. They invaded and turned the Earth into a base to deploy army forces, heavy weapons and a lot of traps.
Facing their brutal aggression and exploitation, people did not surrender to their fate, they built their army and trained them daily until now the army has grown, and they return to destroy aliens.
An interesting game is shown through two game modes, namely fast play mode and human campaign mode.
In human resources campaign mode, each level will link to each other, and your mission is to pass all levels. In each level, there are large numbers of aliens along with dangerous weapons. Outside they have built stringent security, to get inside the base and kill the aliens, the army needs to break this security wall. You are the leader of your army, you pioneer the way for the army and devise strategies. After defeating aliens and completing each level, you can buy upgrades for your character.
In quick play mode, you will participate in individual matches that you set yourself. You can set the number of aliens, the number of allies. Your task in each of these matches is to destroy the number of aliens that you have installed to complete the match.
Regardless of the game mode, you are entitled to collect all the weapons that appear in each battle. These weapons will help you kill the enemy faster, easier. You are revived many times after losing your life.
The game requires a flexible and accurate reaction of the player to overcome the challenges and kill the aliens quickly.
How to play Raze 4 game
Raze 4 uses a combination of arrow keys or WASD to move, space bar to jump and Esc / P to pause the game.
To select weapons before or after using Q / E (or Shift / Enter) keys, to select a special weapon to use 123456 key, use a sword by pressing F / Ctrl and left click to fire guns.