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Football Legends 2016 game

Football Legends 2016 is one of the extremely interesting soccer games that have been loved by many people. This game is for online football lovers.
You can choose one of three game modes, single-player, two-player, fast play. Choose one of three game modes, choose a team to play among a lot of teams and face your opponents.
When you choose 1 player mode or 2 players, you will choose between a tournament and a random match. Then continue to choose your players according to the different character shapes, the beautifully drawn cartoon characters plus great nicknames. Next, you click and you will see the tournament grid, where you can see the schedule between teams until the end of the table. After making the settings, you will participate in the actual ball match.
In fast game mode, you will not have to choose a character or any other action, just select the game mode to participate in random matches right away.
The game has beautiful graphics, along with extremely attractive gameplay, giving players the most interesting feeling. All stadiums are lower than the goal with the height of a player. Players will play in the lower court and use their ability to shoot the ball flying into the goal.
The player who wins more points and reaches a limited number of points according to the given game will win.
Each football into the goal is equivalent to a point brought back to the player, the other player will be so sad that he burst into tears. When you win all the victories, you will become the leader of the achievement rankings and become the strongest team in this game.
This is a game that football lovers love to play, it will surely give you fun playing time, helping players relieve stress and fatigue during long working and studying time. long or even help you kill time very well.
Participate in an exciting match and share with your friends about your score for them to congratulate.
The game is completely free, and you and any player can play it whenever and wherever.
You can play this game with your Android device, IOS, computer and download easily.
How to play Football Legends 2016 game
Uses arrows and WASD to move, jump, and slide. Use V or K to use the super shot. Use B or L to shoot. Choose the team along with your favorite player and win your opponent in all the legendary matches to become a true soccer star. Apart from this interesting game, you can play other games on our website.