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Monkey Go Happy game

Monkey Go Happy makes the monkey happy by solving puzzles in each level of play. You need to combine the objects in the game to form a complete action and make the crying monkey happy again.
The game is completely free and is very simple actions in real-life every day. These actions can be coconut supplements, matches to fire rockets, cut trees, blow fire, turn around games, take bananas. All these close actions need connection by selecting objects around them and putting them together. For example, on the screen, there is a coconut tree with 2 coconuts and a knife, then you will remove the coconut and then use a knife to halve the coconut. Your action is now complete, and the crying monkey will be happy again, and you move on to the next level.
The time you play this game will be counted down in the total level you play. You are given a period of time right from the start of play; the time will decrease as you play, and when you replay the levels, the time will still run. So to complete many levels before time runs out and become the best player, you need to choose items and link them together flexibly.
After each level, there will be arrows for you to move to the next level. Each level is different, and they don’t repeat themselves, the first levels of the puzzles will be a lot simpler — the more the next level, the more difficult the puzzles.
Every time you complete a puzzle, your crying monkey will be happy again, laughing and dancing.
The game is simple but needs skilful players to combine items, find and combine the fastest way to not take much time.
The game is simple but highly effective, keeps people entertained and develops their imagination, especially the game helps children practice their thinking very well.
How to play Monkey Go Happy
Use the mouse to navigate, click on objects and move to other locations to form specific actions.