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Learn To Fly 4 game

Learn to Fly 4 is the next in the Learn to Fly series. Penguins still learn how to fly to prove to people that penguins can fly. Upgrade the equipment needed to help penguins fly into space, avoid obstacles on the road and earn huge money. First, by standing on a high ridge and running to fly down, at the beginning of the training, you will only cross a short distance, you will receive a bonus.
You will carry out missions and make money; the money you earn will be used to buy parts that will eventually build the plane. You can build an aeroplane and a rocket this way. Keep repeating the process, and you will earn money. Use your money to buy aircraft design parts and then a more ambitious rocket ship. Buy more tools so penguins can fly faster and longer.
The bobsled, gliders and rocket-powered aeroplanes all make a comeback in this section. Planes increase the distance and flight time of penguins. The three main parts to get for the giant plane are the wings, fuselage and propeller, you buy these individual parts and assemble them to create your own aircraft. With planes, the ramp becomes useless, and the flight is as long as possible in the game until the plane runs out of fuel. When that happens, you will be forced to collapse the land and spend on some repairs, after repairing you will continue to use the aircraft as if there were no breakdowns.
How to play Learn to Fly 4 game
Use the left and right arrow keys or the AD key to change the penguin’s flight angle. D or right arrow key to lean forward for faster movement and A or left arrow key to backward to increase height. Press Space to use boosters.