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Papas Freezeria game

Papa’s Freezeria is a game about making drinks and desserts for everyone on the island in the hot summer. You are the owner of the store and who directly follow the requirements of customers to make delicious food for your guests.
You can start offering and taking orders from your customers, record customer requests and follow them. Pay attention to everything and visit the construction site to start creating a delicious drink. At the store, there are many different ingredients to form different drinks and include Sunda colors before serving them to your customers. All of these can be upgraded and replaced with even better ones once you’ve satisfied your customers and earned the right amount of money.
You will be very busy when all of Louie’s father’s customers come to the island and look at your store. You will pour the cream, add in the mixture and syrup then mix the sundaes, add the cream and lettuce, giving the best cherries. You need to ensure the correct and fast components to create the necessary items quickly before the machine works.
There are lots of components you can be confused with but don’t worry because your customers give you everything they want, take a closer look at the requirements and follow them.
When the indicator reaches the green zone of the watch, press the button to launch and when the most suitable time, the dish will become the most delicious. See the time to get ready for the ideal dish.
After collecting the appropriate ingredients, combine everything and check the mixer clock. Everything is mixed successfully and you will decorate different delicacies. There are many ingredients for you to create unique types and decorate it with lots of fruit or other materials, creating delicious and beautiful drinks and desserts that will attract more customers.
When you complete guest requests and desserts for your customers, they will tell you their feelings. If you adhere to customer needs, the customer will be very happy and give you compliments, if you make a mistake, make a bad drink or dessert, the customer will complain and evaluate badly. This has reduced the reputation of the store and fewer visitors. Keep your customers happy to make more money and more customers will come to the store.
Every day customers will come with different orders, bring you a lot of income and you will unlock new components. Works well to make as much money and unlock as many upgrades as your store becomes better and everything will be better. The more beautiful your store, the bigger and more professional the more customers will be, and the more money you’ll have to expand and upgrade your store. You will become the biggest shop owner there.
It will be harder to have more than one customer order at the same time, but with your agility, it will certainly be good.
The game will bring players many interesting experiences and exciting entertainment moments.
The best way to play Papa’s Freezeria
Papa’s Freezeria uses a mouse to play, left-click on materials and tools to create goods and deliver to customers, updates.