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Tank Trouble 4 game

Tank Trouble 4 players will be engaged in battles with tanks in the maze. The game with simple gameplay but challenges the player by difficult controls and exciting actions. The game was developed by the manufacturer with up to 4 players corresponding to 4 armored vehicles in a match.
When playing 1 person mode: Players fight with computer characters, including medium or hard.
When playing 2-player mode: Players fight with 1 other real player.
When playing 3-player mode: Players fight with 2 other real players.
When playing 4-player mode: Players fight with 3 other actual players.
Players choose one of the game modes and participate in the actual match.
Enemies correspond to the number of players you choose, enemies and you are all capable of fighting, taking items and moving the same, only different in colour.
In each maze players and opponents can pick up and use items, there are many items in each match. Items that help the tank to increase its power and improve its weapons such as missiles, lasers. Use them appropriately to destroy opponents; when you take an item effectively, you need to use that item to get another.
Players need to observe and analyze the matrix to choose the appropriate location and flexible movement as well as use tactics with weapons to avoid the opponent’s attack and to avoid their bullets. And destroy other tanks. When you go to destroy all the containers, you will play at the next level with the reorganized mazes.
You and the enemy will shoot bullets to destroy your opponent, can fire multiple rounds at the same time and the fired shots will reflect in different directions until they meet the target. Otherwise, they will bump into the wall until it disappears.
How to play Tank Trouble 4
The controls depend on the game mode you choose, for example using the arrow keys to navigate and M to shoot in 1 player mode.