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Cubikill 6 game

Cubikill 6 is a game where you will collect the necessary items and use to damage colleagues.
Being a hard-working employee but always being scolded, told, disrespectful by other employees, it’s all imprinted in your mind, and you’re still dissatisfied about it. When you reach your limit, you turn into another person, kill and commit acts of violence, unethical actions. It is hatred that makes you inhuman.
You go around the room, looking for items there, and use it to commit violent actions against colleagues. The details are readily available, very familiar to you and the people in the office such as broken glass, screwdrivers, handheld computers, very familiar things become murder weapons.
Your colleagues still work as usual, when you go in they do not realize your abnormality, only when you damage them now, they know it is too late. When there are people in the room that you can’t kill at once, they will quickly run away. It’s okay; you’ll find and kill them elsewhere. Even the president, you can die. The actions you do are not obstructed by anyone and are not subject to legal punishment.
If you want to move to other rooms to search for objects and kill people, you need to find the arrows that are hidden in each room. It usually appears at the entrance.
After each action of killing or killing, you will receive quite large bonuses.
The game helps players relieve stress, fatigue or solve problems very quickly by violent acts, but these images for children are not beneficial.
The game is compatible with most Android, IOS, and computer devices so players can easily play anywhere, whenever they want.
How to play Cubikill 6 game
Move between rooms, collect objects or perform violent actions against the characters in it, you need to click the left mouse button, this is easy.