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Basketball Legends game

Basketball Legends is a basketball game for those who love basketball sports but do not have the time or conditions to participate in playing on the field. Your mission is to net the opponent by scoring as many balls into the opponent’s basket to surpass the opponent’s score and win.
You can choose your basketball team with funny characters, choose the character that you will compete with, choose your opponent, choose your playing style and participate in the battle.
Play fast matches, tournaments or play with your friends in a two-player way, unlock all achievements and become the leading team in the player’s ranking results list.
You can proceed, run around the area, steal the opponent’s ball and turn the classic screams into the opponent’s basket to win. Perform quick and precise movements, each player makes an alternating pitch, whoever throws the ball will have an advantage, but you should be careful because you can throw the ball from the basket and allow the opponent to prime. Other individuals can still jerk the ball easily by grasping or hitting, making others stunned and making beautiful moves on your own.
After scoring the ball into the basket, your opponent will burst into tears and you will be extremely happy to score and vice versa when you are scored you will also burst into tears but that mood is quickly dispelled by you. as well as the opponent needs to continue for the match. The score gap will greatly help you win and continue to compete with other teams.
Your achievements will be saved in the rankings if you achieve very significant scores.
This is one of the favorite games in the internet game world and this game has many different causes, it allows players to simultaneously 4 people.
The game is completely free and compatible with most Android devices, iOS, computers. When you play the game using the recorded account, you can play the next level while on another.
You can play online or download the device to play if you download the device, then when you play the game, the game is saved and when you open it to play again, you can continue where you left off.
How to play Basketball Legends game
Basketball Legends game has very simple gameplay with the following basic keys:
Player 1: Arrow keys to move, X to act, Z to Supershot.
Player two: W, A, D, S to move; L to act; K to Supershot.
To become the best player and overcome other opponents, you need to practice regularly to master your skills and tactics.