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Temple Run 3 game

Temple Run 3 is a new version of the game Temple Run is now a lot of you love. Come to this version of Temple Run 3 you will experience a very interesting version to the land of new and your mission is still to try to cross the road to avoid stumbling or collision with the Other dangerous obstacles. Let’s take a look at this exciting Temple Run 3 game to see what’s going on in this version

Temple run 3

During the run, you will also see items (power-ups) appearing on the way. If you have a chance, you should try to pick up these items as you will learn some skills that will assist you to go further in the game. Since items are only temporary, you should try to take advantage of the item when possible.

Game Temple Run 3 includes many different goals, not just trying to run the distance as far as possible. Once you reach goals like collecting gems, gold coins and running a certain distance, you will be rewarded with many more!