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Raze 3 game

You are shown heroic bravery through destroying aliens to take back Earth.
The aliens came and invaded Earth about 10 years ago and they have dominated, turning the Earth into a base since then. However, the people on Earth do not surrender, they always practice hard, create an elite army and wait until they can return and reclaim the Earth. At this time, you will control your character to lead the army to overcome a lot of harsh challenges and destroy aliens.
Two game modes are quick mode and human campaign mode:
– For fast mode, you will be entitled to set your goal that is to set the number of aliens you need to kill, the number of teammates and participate in a quick match to win.
– For human campaign mode, you need to overcome many different levels. Each level will appear many different challenges and difficulties, have been arranged in advance and need rules and strange agility to overcome. You will be the pioneer to open the door for your teammates, using guns or swords in some instances. Each game mode will bring you different scenes to help you have new experiences.
Regardless of the game mode, you can customize your character such as naming, changing equipment, outfit colours, and performing a lot of other options. You will then join your army in battle. In each action, you have the ability to collect a lot of weapons and items along the way; those weapons help you kill enemies quickly.
The enemy also has powerful weapons and high fighting ability, so you need to be very alert and react quickly.
When you complete each mission, you can upgrade weapons to use in the next level, and the weapons help you become stronger and use them flexibly so you can defeat the enemy.
How to play Raze 3 game
Raze 3 is quite simple to play but requires the player to have a very flexible reaction. The game uses the arrow keys or WASD or to move. Use the space bar to perform the jump. F or Ctrl to use the sword. Q / E (or Shift / Enter Key) to select a weapon in front or behind. 123456: to pick special weapons to use. Left-click to fire. Esc / P to pause the game.