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Papa Louie game

Papa Louie is an exciting adventure game, you will play the role of a chef to locate stolen pizzas and rescue customers. Papa Louie held a pizza party, but monsters came to steal the pizza and arrest the customers.
You are the chef who is also the owner of the party, will fight with monsters to retrieve pizza and save your customers. You must fight independently with them but are supported weapons along the way.
You will start looking for clues of creatures in a desolate landscape with many traps and monsters.
With flexible movement and agile improvisation, you will move and collect all the gold coins along the way along with the grenades, using collected grenades to ruin the pizza-stealing monster. Use the limited number of grenades you collect along the way to destroy the powerful monster holding a pizza. You can move almost everywhere on the map, move forward or backward without a time limit.
On the street, there will be a few obstacles that will be sections of the path lined up higher, creatures of different shapes, creatures that can move and have weapons or not. There are even monsters that can spew out toxins that cover your body, making you standstill. Poisonous creatures are often the ones holding your own pizza and you need to find a way to kill them so that you don’t get closer to them than being poisoned. Even other creatures touching you will cause you to eliminate blood.
At the beginning of the game you are given a specific amount of blood shown in the red heart, if these images are lost until the end, you will lose your life. Along the way, in addition, there are hearts, when you collect you will increase the amount of blood.
When you defeat the monster holding pizza and get enough pizza and go rescue your customers, you will pass the level and unlock another level.
There are many levels, each with difficulty levels along with enemies and various traps. Go through all the levels to conquer this exciting game along with other games on our website.
The game is completely free and compatible with most computer devices, Android, iOS. You can play online or download and play whenever.
How to play Papa Louie game
Papa Louie helps you relax with simple and challenging gameplay. You can use left and right arrow keys to move, down arrow to sit, spacebar to jump.
Z needed to use the monster pizza
SPACEBAR with DOWN ARROW or UP arrow to jump up and use the parachute to land
X to use grenades.