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Basketball Legends Halloween game

Basketball Legends Halloween is a basketball game with characters based on the atmosphere of Halloween. You will be able to participate in football matches with funny and talented characters like vampires (Dracula), Frankenstein, witches, ghosts, corpses, lions, mummified corpses, pumpkins cloud, … You can use super speed skills as an advantage to scoring many beautiful, accurate baskets with the ability to move flexibly and jump from the opponent. To start the match, you need to choose your play character from the given characters, choose a game mode with your opponent …
After the installation is complete, you are ready to enter the match fight and score lots of goals to win. Each player is allowed to execute his or her handball, alternating throws and anyone in the throwing position should take advantage of them. Fast, strong movements and an appropriate viewing position are necessary to throw the ball into the basket while not allowing the remaining players to rob the ball. The capture of a ball is made when one of the teams uses an arm to attack the opponent, causing the opponent to be stunned, taking the opportunity to steal the ball. When you score the ball in the basket, you score a goal and your opponent will cry and vice versa once you score, you will also burst into tears but that mood will soon be dispelled by you to keep the match. Both you and your opponent have similar abilities, but each person will have different uses.
You need to be very clever and flexible using your combination of capabilities. The odds you have between the two teams determine which team wins, so try to score multiple goals from your opponent’s basket. This is a famous online game that promises to bring you a relaxing and exciting time and you can also play with friends or play with computers, Android devices, IOS and you can share links Match fruits as well as this game for your friends to play. The player with the highest results will be at the top of the player list rankings. In addition to playing on the internet that will help you share your results with others, you can also download the device to play whenever you want, even if you don’t have an online connection.
How to play Basketball Legends Halloween
Basketball Legends Halloween has very simple gameplay but offers high entertainment. The first player uses the arrow keys to control, Z for super speed, for action. Player two uses the WASD keys to move the player, K to get the super speed and L for action.