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Learn To Fly 2 game

Learn To Fly 2 is the next part of the game about a penguin who is learning to fly, and you will help him practice hard. Penguins are annoyed when people laugh at them for being unable to fly, and so have tried to prove to everyone that they can fly. The penguin has read a lot of books on how to fly and now will practice very hard every day to be able to fly.
Every day, penguins work hard on a snow-covered cliff and slide down, accumulating experience points each day and using that to buy upgrades one after another. Each upgrade requires a certain amount of money to be able to buy, such as upgrading wings, wooden rods, missiles … each upgrade increases energy for penguins and helps it fly farther. In the first few days you will fly a short distance and get very few points, but then practice more days to increase the amount for you. Make lots of money and buy upgrades to make you even more. Break snowmen and many other targets to score high points.
This game not only helps you kill time, keeps you entertained but also helps you to increase perseverance. Thanks to the diligent practice through the days, penguins can fly far and prove to the world that penguins can fly and fly very far. To change a new look for penguins. You can download this game or play online on your device like Android devices, IOS, computers. Download it to help you play whenever when your connection is constantly interrupted or even disconnected. This part has many upgrades and you also quickly gain points to buy more upgrades. Buying upgrades and flying as far will make you more interested in this game, it will increase your ability to conquer and will make you addicted to this game. The game is completely suitable for all players, and for parents to feel secure when letting their children play this game.
How to play Learn To Fly 2 game
Use the left and right arrow keys to change the penguin’s flight angle. When you buy upgrades, you can choose them together to make your character go further. For some upgrades, you need to read the instructions to use them and use them best. For example, when you buy boosters, you will press space to use them and you need to look at the speed needle to use them effectively.