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Tank Trouble 3 game

Tank Trouble 3 drives tanks to destroy other tanks and become the last one to win and play in different mazes.
Choose one of three game modes: 1 player mode, two players and three players. Each game mode, players need to control their tanks destroy other vehicles and become the last survivor. After killing all containers on the stage, the player will move to the next level. At each subsequent level are very new mazes.
To play in 1 player mode: Players need to click on the control and fight with random characters installed by the computer. Control your character to help it move easily and kill enemies.
To play in 2-player mode: The player needs to be together with an actual friend sitting in front of a computer screen and take part in a battle against each other. Please choose one of the two controls and participate in the match with a friend of his.
To play in 3-player mode: Players need to sit with two other real friends to sit in front of the computer screen, select the control mode and start the actual battle.
In each game mode, players need to look around the maze, analyze and select the appropriate strategic location to destroy the enemy. Choose a strategy depending on your abilities, be it defensive, or offensive.
Each player offered the unlimited number of shells. When the Player can fire multiple shells in succession, the bullets fired by the player towards the wall will reflect in different directions until they meet the target or disappear. Be very careful because players can also target their shells.
Each maze has items that help players increase the power, a lot of different items that players can collect to improve their weapons; some are rockets, some will fire lasers. , … Different weapons bring different powers to the player, helping them kill the enemy easier and faster.
How to play Tank Trouble 3
The game installs 3 different controls, but depending on the game mode, the player will be able to choose various monitors: Use the mouse to navigate the tank and left click to shoot. Use ASDW to navigate and Q to shoot. Use the arrow keys to navigate and M to shoot.