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Learn To Fly game

Learn To Fly is a game about flying penguins. To fly and prove to the world, the penguins have found ways to learn how to fly, he went to the internet to find all the ways and methods then practice. Every day penguins are very hard-working with the support of the means to help it fly further.
The penguins will first learn to fly on a high slope and slide down and use the arrow keys to change the penguin’s flight angle, then it will accumulate some money.
Use the money accumulated to buy equipment to support flying penguins, buy sticks, buy more wings, buy boosters … and many other things.
It may be that the first few days of flight will only take you a very short distance and earn very little money, but do not be discouraged, practice more days to increase the amount for you. After raising $ 50, you will buy the outfit, thanks to this outfit it will help you fly a lot further. Keep practising for days to reach $ 250, and then you’ll buy an upgrade, which will help you fly also and stand at the top of the steeper slope to get the momentum down — continuing like that you will buy many upgrades and fly a much longer distance.
To complete the flight course and prove yourself to the world, you will have to practice very hard over many days. Be patient to help the penguins achieve their flight, to show everyone that penguins can fly and not be laughed.
The game will help you a lot in entertainment, killing time and if you like this game, often play and share with your friends through social networks.
The game can be played online or downloaded to your device whenever you want when you download it, you can play it without an internet connection.
The game is compatible with most Android devices, iOS, computers and along with its fun, has lots of players.
This is the first version of the game, but there are many lovers so this game has been developed by many other releases.
How to play Learn To Fly game
Learn To Fly use the left and right arrow keys to change the penguin’s flight angle and help it go further. When you buy boosters, you will press Space to use them. Use what you have to make sense for penguins to fly as far as possible. Make sure you get this game done easily.