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Cool math games place for you to explore and conquer many exciting games. Here you can play free games in different genres, suitable for all ages. Coming to the cool math games world, you will have sublimation moments with the exciting and challenging cool math games run 3. Are you ready to play run three on an exciting math game web yet? There are many exciting things waiting for you to discover.

With this game, the player will have to skillfully control your character to run or jump to overcome tough challenges. Beat the levels to unlock entirely new characters with special powers. Don’t forget to collect coins in the journey as you can use them to buy more characters or upgrade characters in the store


You will use the arrow keys to control your character running and jumping. There are two game modes for you to choose: discovery mode and infinite mode. For discovery mode, players will control their character to pass the level in the fastest way to unlock and upgrade the costume. With infinite mode, players will have to try to collect money by crossing obstacles.

This game is not too hard but requires players to be skillful and agile to be able to pass the levels easily and quickly. When you go through each level, you will be extremely fond of capturing games, especially with a combination of funny sounds and beautiful 2D graphics that will create excitement for game players.

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